Saturday, January 27, 2018

A late posting birth story.

  • We were about to go into a movie when I saw I missed a call from my midwife a few hours before, she left a message saying that if we wanted to check in that night for the induction we could. So I called and they said to be there at 9pm. It gave us just enough time to leave the theatre, grab dinner, swing by the house to grab our bags and head in. We checked in and they started the first dose of cytotec by 11pm. We discovered my veins have a lot of valves which made placing the IV difficult, it took 6 tries from 3 different nurses and finally they had someone from anesthesia come up to place it. I stayed up till 1am so I could eat something solid and then we slept. We did 3 doses of cytotec 4 hours apart which took us into the 29th. The cytotec did its job on my cervix and we started pitocin at 1pm, at first I was fine, up and bouncing on the exercise ball etc. when we got towards the end of 6 units of pitocin I got uncomfortable and by 8 I was really feeling the contractions.  My mom got there around 430, I don’t really remember this bc I was in the middle of the contractions. We got up to 12 units of pitocin per hour before they checked me and I was dilated to 5 and 90% effaced. That took about 6.5 or 7 hours. By the time we got there the only things I clearly remember is telling Spence I needed more counter pressure and being very annoyed if he wasn’t immediately right there and having my face buried in pillows groaning. I remember trying to just let the contractions wash over me and not fighting them....but I don’t think it worked. Once we knew I was in active labor I got the epidural, which took 3 tries in the middle of the pitocin contractions, the part I remember about that is laying on my nurses shoulder trying to hunch my back enough to get the epi in. It took about 3 minutes for the epi to take effect and I was a new person. My mom and Spence were amazed at how quickly I started joking and talking to people again. Even with the epi I still had a tiny bit of control over my legs and was able to help position myself on the peanut ball and roll over etc. Once the epi was in I went from 5 to 9 pretty quickly, by 10:45pm everyone came in and got the baby stuff set up bc it looked like he would be here any moment. My in laws got up to the hospital a few hours before and it was a pretty relaxing several hours while we all sat around and chatted. And chatted. And chatted. I stalled out at 9 cm dilated and 90% effaced. 
  • The terrorist had his head slightly cockeyed, his body was face down but he was essentially looking over his shoulder, the position wasn’t allowing him to descend any further. My midwife broke my water trying to help him turn is head and they finally placed an internal monitor to see how strong my contractions were. The answer was not very strong. Since my uterus had basically been working hard for over a day it was just too tired to be effective.  At 3am on 12/30 we decided to turn off the pitocin for a few hours, put me on oxygen so the terrorist got lots of it too and let my body rest for a few hours. We’d start the pitocin back at 2 units and move back up to try and get strong enough contractions to help him turn his head and finish descending so I could push. 
  • I developed a slight fever overnight and for a minute I was worried that even with all this I was still going to end up with a csection. Luckily the fever came down and stayed away (my nurse kept doing cold wash cloths under the arm pits and head along w extra strength Tylenol) and when they checked me that afternoon he had turned and was descending. This was when my midwife informed me that his head was very large. We hadn’t done any growth ultrasounds or measurements after our 20 week u/s. My stomach wasn’t huge and I didn’t gain a bunch of weight so I didn’t think he’d be a huge baby. Around 145/2pm we start pushing, even with the pitocin my contractions were spaced pretty far apart, so I pushed for just under an hour but with some pretty big gaps between, up to 5 minutes in most cases. He was born with a 14” head (what?!? I think it was bc it was very cone shaped after the long delivery) at 8lbs 15oz and 20” long at 245pm on 12/30. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

38 weeks.....SO CLOSE TO THE END

How far along? 38 weeks HOLY SHIT
How big is the snowman? He's the length of a leek this week apparently.  My Sprout app says that he can weigh up to 7 lbs at this point on average which is just SO WEIRD.
Total weight gain/loss?  232 up about 10lbs overall from when we transferred.  Although if I keep up the super healthy cookie dough diet I've been on lately I can see that shooting WAY up soon.
Maternity clothes?  I've reached the point where pants in any form are just not fun.  Leggings are better than jeans.  My legs are swelling so by the end of the day its hard to get my pants off over my calves, nothing makes you feel better about yourself than seeing the indention of your compression socks pattern in your leg every night.....
Sleep?  I'm starting to wake up and not always be able to go back to sleep.  Monday morning I woke up at 4am thirsty as hell, drank some water, then realized I needed some tums, then realized that it wasn't just acid reflux it was cramping and maybe some contractions then added in some nausea just for shits and giggles.  I was up until about 6ish, fell back asleep till it was past time to go to work and ended up 20 minutes late.  So that's how sleep has been going. 
Best moment this week? SPENCER GOT A NEW JOB! He will finish out the year at Jason's Deli, and start his new job mid way through January so he will hopefully have 2 full weeks at home with the baby and I.  No nights, no weekends, no holidays.  I just can't.  It's been a great 15 years with Jason's Deli, and I know he's sad to leave. He keeps telling me that this group of employees are some of his favorites, and I know he really enjoys working with his GM too.  This is such a game changer for our family though, I'm so excited. 
Symptoms? I'm just going to go through ALL the symptoms I can remember having over the course of this pregnancy:
1) Nausea: thought it was gone after 20 weeks but NOPE its randomly coming back now in the 3rd trimester which is just rude really
2) Carpal Tunnel: this one started out not so bad, but holy shitballs has it gotten worse the last few weeks.  I can feel my hands about 40% of the time, which is great when you are driving, typing or attempting to you know....use your hands.
3)Tiredness: after the initial 1st trimester has been not too bad, the waking up 4x a night to pee or drink more water (leading to having to pee) has taken its toll on this one though and its coming back.
4) Swelling: started when I was in TX and was mostly situational, lots of heat lots of walking etc.  Now its just "oh is it past 2pm, cool I'm swelling".  If I get compression socks on BEFORE I swell I can usually keep my ankles in check, but if I'm even slightly puffy I might as well not even bother.  I end up looking like this....

5) Achy muscles: If I don't take my natural calm magnesium supplement I notice my legs are just achy and tired.  I haven't had any Charlie horses or spasm type cramps though and I'm so grateful.  Last night my lower back hurt whenever I walked around, but today its fine.  My upper back has been a little sore (my chiro said she can tell I'm compensating for the belly based on how tight my middle and upper back are) but I've been going to get chair and foot massages the last few weeks and its helped SO MUCH. I also told Spence I think I may be getting a touch of plantar fasciitis but hopefully we're so close to the end it will clear up easily after baby gets here. 
6) Bathroom issues: my constant companion.  Natural Calm and Colace have been life savers.  That's all.
Food cravings?  I'd like all the sugar please.  ALL OF I
Food aversions?  If its green, leafy or healthy I'm pretty much not interested.
Gender? team blue!
Labor signs? not as many as I'd like!  I think I've been having some "real" contractions occasionally, but honestly I'm not sure.  I've had cramping, pressure, and a few times where I've had to stop and be like "huh that hurts lets quit that now", its my first kid I have NO IDEA what I'm looking for people! 
Belly button in or out? in...but barely lol.  Spence noticed the other night that its clearly almost ready to pop out.  I'm still really hoping it stays in bc it'll freak me out if it pops out!
What I miss? its still raw fish and booze. 
What I'm looking forward to?  I want to hold the baby.  I want to meet him and start to get to know his personality.  I want to see Spencer as a dad because he is truly going to rock at it. 
Milestones?  He can literally come at any point and no one would think he was "early".  Christmas is next week and we're having my out of town family stay with us for a few nights, so we put up a Christmas tree.   I've seen a few of these types of pictures floating around The Bump and wanted to try and recreate it (Isaac was a trooper and totally earned the cookie I was holding at my stomach to keep him on the chair and looking at me lol), Spence and I had a lot of fun putting up the tree, getting the lights up, and having a mini photo shoot.  We also stayed up till almost 1am just talking and laughing and him getting to feel the baby move around a lot.  It was a fantastic night.

Bump? it's not going anywhere lol.   Here are the last 3 weeks of pictures!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

35 weeks

How far along? 35 weeks and 1 day....I've been a slacker on posting.
How big is the snowman? Butternut Squash 
Total weight gain/loss?  I'm up a total of 5 lbs from when we transferred him, my stomach keeps on growing and I'm measuring ahead of 35 weeks based on that so I'm not worried and no one at the dr office seems to think this is anything to be worried about.
Maternity clothes?  I'm not buying any more, I've got enough shirts and 2 pair of jeans to get me through till the end I think!  However, I am on the hunt for some comfy slippers that can double as real shoes bc I'm pretty sure wearing flip flops is going to get old soon!
Sleep?  2 nights ago I was up till 1am and then woke up at 6 which was more than a little annoying.  Overall though, still no real sleep issues!  Up multiple times a night to pee but still able to go back to sleep after. 
Best moment this week? hmmmmm over the last 3 weeks we had 2 baby showers!  My friends are the sweetest and we felt the love at both of them!  We also houseguests over the Thanksgiving holiday including their adorable 13 month old, who helped us identify the areas of our living room that are most in need of baby proofing lol.  The BEST moment of the last few weeks though is finding out that one of my best friends from high school is expecting and due in May!  She is going to be the best mom and I'm SO happy for her and her hubby!
Symptoms? I had some major swelling the other week (Nov 17 it started).  Like my (not dainty) calves went all the way down to my feet which had toddler fat rolls on them.  It came on really quickly and freaked me out. Of course it started on Friday evening and kept up all weekend, I called my OB and got in to see them on Monday, my blood pressure was still good, although higher than it was the week before, and they did some blood work and tests for pre-e just to be on the safe side.  All that came back was my iron was almost low so I'm a mild supplement for that now.  There was talk of me having to do a 24 hour urine test, which is where you have to pee into a jug for 24 hours....that sounded, terrible, its the only word.  I'm very grateful to avoid that particular test!  I lived in compression socks and somehow managed to up my water intake which seems to have taken care of the issue for now.
Food cravings?  still no real cravings, hummus and pretzel chips have sounded good lately....
Food aversions?  still none either,
Gender? team blue!
Labor signs? Braxton Hicks contractions have started up, nothing too bad thankfully, and I'm noticing more pressure on my pelvis which I hope means he's moving that direction!
Belly button in or out? its still in, I think it will stay that way??? (crosses fingers)
What I miss? its still raw fish and booze.  Although, I did have a glass of wine a few weeks ago.  It was heavenly.  It was a small glass, I sipped it and there are studies that show it can actually be beneficial in small doses when you get this far along.   
What I'm looking forward to?  I want my house put back together.  I've been on a closet purging kick lately.  I'm really into throwing all our stuff away to make room for ALL the stuff a baby needs.  The storage room has been mostly cleared out, (and moved to the garage) and I just need to get some shelves in there to organize stuff and store things that we don't need right this second but will in the next few months. 
Milestones?   I feel him moving downward which is kind of cool,
Bump? it's not going anywhere lol.   Here are the last 3 weeks of pictures!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

32 weeks

How far along? 32 weeks
How big is the snowman? He's a tub of popcorn this week 
Total weight gain/loss?  last week at my dr appointment I was up to 225, so I've officially gained from where I was when we transferred the snowman/tiny terrorist.  I've not weighed myself this week, stomach is bigger, the rest of me feels pretty much the same so I'm not too worried about it.
Maternity clothes?  I bought a super cute shirt for Thanksgiving that says "thankful and blessed" on the stomach
Sleep?  still no real sleep issues, I'm up 2-3 times a night to pee but haven't really had any issues falling back asleep after.  I'm EXHAUSTED after work and staying up until 10pm is a struggle, but I notice if I go to bed much earlier than that I do have issues falling back to sleep after my 3am pee break.
Best moment this week?  Last week I started my new job!  My work view has gone from this...

 To this.....

Symptoms? still not pooping on the regular.  It's still not fun.  The exhaustion from the first tri is back, although I can function so its not quite 1st tri bad I guess.  Mild heartburn, but 2 tums takes care of it right away. 
Food cravings?  still no real cravings, I'm eating cereal for dinner quite a bit but that's more of a lazy issue as opposed to a "omg have to have it" issue.
Food aversions?  still none either,
Gender? team blue!
Labor signs? Braxton Hicks contractions have started up, nothing too bad thankfully
Belly button in or out? in, at this point I'm pretty much hoping it stays in.....
What I miss? its still raw fish and booze.  I don't really see this changing.  
What I'm looking forward to?  We're SOOOOO CLOSE to getting the nursery done.  We have the recliner, the dresser, cradle my dad built and crib for after he outgrows the cradle.  As soon as we get things up on the wall we'll be done with what we can do.  The walls still need to be painted, but that is getting done by the professionals sometime between now and mid Dec so I am not too stressed about it.
Milestones?   is it weird to consider BH contractions a milestone? it makes me realize that we're actually getting really close to meeting this little guy!
Bump? it's not going anywhere lol.   Here are pics from this week and last week when I was a slacker and forgot to update lol! (excuse the crazy eyes in the 32 week picture, it was early and I was a little manic trying to not look all sleepy eyed squinty lol)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

30 Weeks

How far along?  30 weeks
How big is the snowman?  He's a jumbo bag of chips or a tub of ice cream this week!
Total weight gain/loss?  I haven't weighed myself this week....I also haven't pooped in a week so I'm not sure my weight would be terribly accurate.  I will get weighed next week at the Dr and we'll see where I'm at!
Maternity clothes?  thankfully my friend Michelle gave me some maternity clothes with some (all of) the baby clothes her little ones have grown out of.  I start my new job next week and will have to be in the office, around the same people EVERY DAY which means they likely would have started to notice that I had 4 maternity shirts lol.
Sleep?  OMG I am still sleeping.  I need to find all the wooden things and knock on them because I am terrified of pregnancy insomnia kicking in, I am treasuring ALL the sleep I can get right now. 
Best moment this week?  I'm going with worst moment this week to switch it up.  Spence woke up yesterday not feeling especially great.  Stomach issues that resulted in many bathroom trips, body aches, general malaise etc.  We both agreed that it was best he not be around me much and he slept on the couch.  It was so weird for him to be sick and me to not try to take care of him! He was probably ok with it, when he gets sick all he really wants is to be left alone, which I am TERRIBLE at. 
Symptoms? my main symptom is still the ever present "bathroom issues".... OK I've been delicate about this issue up to now.  TMI coming but OMG I just miss pooping.  Last night knowing the issues Spencer was having I was honest to God jealous he was sick because he got to poop. I just want to go to the bathroom without the aid of Colace, miralax or magnesium supplements (none of which have been doing a stellar job lately).
Food cravings?  Mr. Goodcents chocolate chip cookies are amazing.  I might have had 2 of them today, I admit nothing.
Food aversions?  not this week
Gender? team blue!
Labor signs? not a one, thankfully!
Belly button in or out? in...although I'm wondering how much longer I've got with that.  I hope that it stays in....the outies kinda freak me out...
What I miss? its still raw fish and booze.  I don't really see this changing.  
What I'm looking forward to?  my first baby shower is on Sunday!  I'm so excited to celebrate with family!
Milestones?   I'm not sure there are any this week....
Bump? it's not going anywhere lol.   I'm trying to get pics's not going well haha.
OK finally got pictures on here....

Friday, October 20, 2017

29 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks today! (Well I wrote this Wednesday and its not getting published till Friday but whatever)
How big is the snowman?  He's a Gizmo (the cute version of a gremlin)
Total weight gain/loss?  I weighed myself yesterday (well the Dr office did) and I was at 219, which is 3 lbs down from where we transferred, my Dr hasn't said anything about my weight at all (other than at my first appointment with her where she said it was expected I'd gain 20-30 lbs and that was normal) so I'm not stressing about it either way.  The little man is growing and so is my belly so that's really all that matters lol.
Maternity clothes? love em.  Might never give the pants up. 
Sleep?  OMG last night I woke up with what felt like heart burn....but I was lying down and it kinda felt like I was going to yak.  I was able to go back to sleep but I was up for about 20 minutes.
Best moment this week?  accepting a new job at work that will keep me home and not in a hotel 3 weeks a month! 
Symptoms?  my main symptom is still the ever present "bathroom issues".  If I'm not wearing compression socks and am on my feet a lot I have HUGE ankles and very squishy feet by the end of the day.<---- also="" biggie="" care="" chewable="" creeping="" have="" heartburn="" i="" in="" it="" mild="" no="" noticed="" occasionally="" of="" p="" same="" some="" still="" take="" the="" though="" tums="">
Food cravings?  still not any "OMG if I don't have this RIGHT NOW I'm going to go ape shit" cravings....I'm starting to think I built cravings up too much in my head before getting pregnant
Food aversions?  eh. not so much, I'm noticing smells a lot again, that had mainly tapered off in the 2nd trimester, but I'm pretty averse to foods that smell gross to me lately lol!
Gender? team blue!
Labor signs? not a one, thankfully!
Belly button in or out? in
What I miss? its still raw fish and booze.  I don't really see this changing.  
What I'm looking forward to?  getting the nursery painted so we can hang all the stuff on the walls and it will start to feel finished....even if its not.  I'm not sure the painting will happen till early Dec so we may go ahead and get things all set up and then just have the painters move it all when they come....
Milestones?  He just moves ALL THE TIME and I love it. 
Bump? it's not going anywhere lol.   Here are pics from this week!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

28 weeks

How far along? 28 weeks today!
How big is the snowman?  a bow of cereal
Total weight gain/loss?  I haven't weighed myself.....2 weeks ago at the dr I was right at the weight I was when we transferred, within a pound.  We spent all last week eating our way through NYC so heaven only knows where I am now!
Maternity clothes? love em.  Might never give the pants up. 
Sleep?  I can still sleep JUST FINE, I'm waking up about 1-2 times per night to pee but am able to go back to sleep pretty quickly after.  I hear that this can change in the 3rd trimester....which I'm in now so we'll see!
Best moment this week?  I'm going to go with the best moment from last week when we were in NYC, we saw 2 Broadway shows and EVERY TIME the music started the tiny terrorist just started squirming and moving all around, it was the cutest thing ever!
Symptoms? my main symptom is still the ever present "bathroom issues".  If I'm not wearing compression socks and am on my feet a lot I have HUGE ankles and very squishy feet by the end of the day. 
Food cravings?  meh, I think ice cream sounds amazeballs, but so does 90% of the population so I'm not so sure we can call that a true craving.
Food aversions?  eh. not so much, I'm noticing smells a lot again, that had mainly tapered off in the 2nd trimester, but I'm pretty averse to foods that smell gross to me lately lol!
Gender? team blue!
Labor signs? not a one, thankfully!
Belly button in or out? in
What I miss? its still raw fish and booze.  I don't really see this changing.  
What I'm looking forward to?  We finally went and bought a crib, dresser and glider last week!  I'm looking forward to starting to get the nursery put together now!
Milestones?  According to my Sprout app if the tiny terrorist were to be born now (after 27 weeks) he has a very good chance of surviving and eventually being "normal".  So that's comforting?
Bump? it's not going anywhere lol.   Here are pics from 27 weeks and this week!