Thursday, August 10, 2017

19 Weeks

How far along? 19 weeks
How big is the snowman?  this week it's an heirloom tomato....which seems like a very specific type of tomato. 
Total weight gain/loss? I started to gain this week!  I'm at 7 lbs down overall based on the scale the other day.
Maternity clothes? I have a shipment from Old Navy that is supposed to arrive today!  I'm VERY excited. 
Sleep?  The last week and a half I've been working CRT hours, meaning 7 days a week and 10+ hours a day.  This means that when I get home I'm DONE.  I've been in bed by 9 most nights and sleeping until usually 7am easily.
Best moment this week?  a friend from work had her baby shower and it was awesome to get together with work friends!  We all met when we were on the cat team together, everyone but me has moved on to other positions since then so it's great to see everyone!
Symptoms? I'm good with food again (hence the weight moving up I think). The lack of bathroom movement is something that's still hanging on though.  I've started having round ligament pain, that actually started last week but I didn't know what it was!
Food cravings? no cravings yet, but baby steps, I'm no longer totally grossed out by food. 
Food aversions? not so much, I did try to eat a cucumber the other day and that was GROSS.  Sad, because I really like cucumbers usually!
Gender? team blue!
Labor signs? dear lord I hope not
Belly button in or out? in
What I miss? its still raw fish and booze.  I don't really see this changing.   
What I'm looking forward to?  We go in for our anatomy scan in 1 week!
Milestones?  nothing this week so far
Bump? Still showing up!  I've been wearing my pre pregnancy work pants to go look at claims, I can tell a difference from when I started wearing them and now.  I have to have them pulled way down (which makes the butt look saggy and weird) or unbuttoned when I drive or am sitting in my car b/c the bump is not down with the waistband!  They still fit just fine when I'm standing.....although I'm not sure how much longer that is going to last, I've noticed its less comfortable than it was 10 days ago!

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