Wednesday, June 14, 2017

11 Weeks along

How far along? 11 weeks today
How big is the snowman?  size of a fig (although I can't actually picture how big a fig is, I know its bigger than an olive or grape bc that was last week....)
Total weight gain/loss? last I checked I was still down about 5 lbs overall from when we transferred
Maternity clothes? not even close
Sleep? ALL the sleep.  I can seriously sleep 10 hours at a stretch and still think a nap doesn't sound bad
Best moment this week?  eh, this week has been pretty average HOWEVER I have been able to do 2 weights workouts which felt great.
Symptoms? nausea, tiredness, and the bloat.  I'm not really able to eat before noon without feeling vomity and eating anything remotely healthy is really a no go, baby likes refined carbs and only refined carbs. Also (TMI warning) going to the bathroom is just not happening, so that's contributing to the bloat as well.
Food cravings? food overall doesn't sound appealing, at all.  BUT if I am going to eat its going to be a carb.
Food aversions? all food. 
Gender? team blue!
Labor signs? dear lord I hope not
Belly button in or out? in
What I miss? massages, I tried to get a foot massage (I read that as long as they avoid the acupressure points on the ankle and don't press too hard its ok), when I told them about Snowman they basically rubbed lotion on my legs for 30 minutes and it was very not what I was looking forward to.
What I'm looking forward to?
Milestones? Snowman starts producing testosterone this week
Bump? the bump is all bloat right now

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